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Caudle, K.L., L.C. Johnson, S.G. Baer, and B.R. Maricle (In Press). Comparing nondestructive and destructive methods of measuring leaf chlorophyll content: tracking changes in foliar chlorophyll of five Andropogon gerardii ecotypes (Poaceae). Photosynthetica.

Costigan, K.H., M.D. Daniels, and W.K. Dodds (In Press). Fundamental longitudinal and temporal disconnections in a headwater network, Flint Hills, KS. Journal of Hydrology.

Koerner, S.E., M.L. Avolio, C.C. Chang, J. Grey, D.L. Hoover, and M.D. Smith (In Press). Invasibility of a mesic grassland depends on the time-scale of fluctuating resources. Journal of Ecology.

Nepal, M.P., C.J. Ferguson, and M.H. Mayfield (In Press). Breeding system and sex ratio variation in mulberries. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.

Smith, M.D., K.J. La Pierre, S.L. Collins, J. Barrett, S. Frey, L. Gough, K.L. Gross, R. Miller, J. Morris, L. Rustad, J. Yarie, and A.K. Knapp (In Press). Assessing ecosystem sensitivity to chronic resource alterations: A meta-analysis of long-term experiments. Oecologia.

Troia, M.J., J.E. Whitney, and K.B. Gido (In Press). Broadcast spawning over cobble by longfin dace (Agosia chrysogaster) in artificial stream channels. The Southwestern Naturalist.

VanderWeide, B., and D.C. Hartnett (In Press). Belowground bud bank response to grazing under severe, short-term drought. Oecologia.

Vanderymyde, J.M., and M.R. Whiles (In Press). Effects of woody vegetation encroachment and experimental forest removal on macroinvertebrate production and functional structure in tallgrass prairie streams. Freshwater Science.

Veach, A.M., W.K Dodds, and A. Jumpponen (In Press). Woody plant encroachment, and its removal, impact bacterial and fungal communities across stream and terrestrial habitats in a tallgrass prairie ecosystem. FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

Yu, Q., K.R. Wilcox, K.J. La Pierre, A.K. Knapp, X. Han, and M.D. Smith (In Press). Stoichiometric homeostasis predicts plant species dominance, temporal stability and responses to global change. Ecology.


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Forrestel, E.J., M.J. Donoghue, and M.D. Smith. 2015. Functional differences between dominant grasses drive divergent responses to large herbivore loss in mesic savanna grasslands of North America and South Africa. Journal of Ecology 103: 714-724.

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Knapp, A.K., D.L. Hoover, K.R. Wilcox, M.L. Avolio, S.E. Koerner, K.J. La Pierre, M.E. Loik, Y. Luo, O.E. Sala, and M.D. Smith. 2015. Characterizing differences in precipitation regimes of extreme wet and dry years: Implications for climate change experiments. Global Change Biology 21: 2624-2633.

Kula, A.A.R., and D.C. Hartnett. 2015. Effects of mycorrhizal symbiosis on aboveground arthropod herbivory in tallgrass prairie: an in situ experiment. Plant Ecology 216: 589-597.

LaPierre, K.J. and M.D. Smith. 2015. Functional trait expression of grassland species shift with short- and long-term nutrient additions. Plant Ecology 216: 307-318.

LaPierre, K.J., A. Joern, and M.D. Smith. 2015. Invertebrate, not small vertebrate, herbivory interacts with nutrient availability to impact tallgrass prairie community composition and forb biomass. Oikos 124: 842-850.

Majetic, C.J., S.D. Wiggam, C.J. Ferguson, and R.A. Raguso. 2015. Timing is everything: temporal variation in floral scent, and its connections to pollinator behavior and female reproductive success in Phlox divaricata. American Midland Naturalist 173: 191-207.

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