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Brown, S.P., A.M. Veach, K. Grond, S.K. Lickteig, K. Lothamer, A.K. Oliver, A.R. Rigdon-Huss, and A. Jumpponen (In Press). Scraping the bottom of the barrel: are rare high throughput sequences artifacts?. Fungal Ecology.

Caudle, K.L., L.C. Johnson, S.G. Baer, and B.R. Maricle (In Press). Comparing nondestructive and destructive methods of measuring leaf chlorophyll content: tracking changes in foliar chlorophyll of five Andropogon gerardii ecotypes (Poaceae). Photosynthetica.

Costigan, K.H., M.D.Daniels, and W.K. Dodds (In Press). Fundamental longitudinal and temporal disconnections in a headwater network, Flint Hills, KS. Journal of Hydrology.

Greer, M.J., G.W.T. Wilson, K.R. Hickman, and S. Wilson (In Press). Experimental evidence that invasive grasses use allelopathic biochemicals as a potential mechanism for invasion: Chemical warfare in nature. Plant and Soil.

Johnson, N.C., G.W.T. Wilson, J.A. Wilson, R.M. Miller, and M. Bowker (In Press). Mycorrhizal phenotypes and the law of the minimum. New Phytologist.

Jonas, J.L, A. Joern, W. Wolesensky (In Press). Weather affects grasshopper population dynamics in continental grassland. Rangeland Ecology and Management.

Knapp, A.K., C.J.W. Carroll, E.M. Denton, K.J. La Pierre, S.L. Collins and M.D. Smith (In Press). Differential sensitivity to regional-scale drought in six central US grasslands. Oecologia.

La Pierre, K.J., and M.D. Smith (In Press). Functional trait expression of grassland species shift with short- and long-term nutrient additions. Plant Ecology.

Majetic, C.J., S.D. Wiggam, C.J. Ferguson, and R.A. Raguso (In Press). Timing is everything: temporal variation in floral scent, and its connections to pollinator behavior and female reproductive success in Phlox divaricata. American Midland Naturalist.

Prestat, E., M. David, J. Hultman, N. Taş, R. Lamendella, J. Dvornik, R. Mackelprang, D. Myrold, A. Jumpponen, S. Tringe, E. Holman, K. Mavromatis, and J.K. Jansson (In Press). FOAM: Functional Ontology Assignments for Metagenomes: a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) database with environmental focus. Nucleic Acids Research.

Prober, S.M., J.W. Leff, S.T. Bates, E.T. Borer, J. Firn, W.S. Harpole, E.M. Lind, E.W. Seabloom, P.B. Adler, J.D. Bakker, E.E. Cleland, N.M. DeCrappeo, E. DeLorenze, N. Hagenah, Y. Hautier, K.S. Hofmockel, K.P. Kirkman, J.M.H. Knops, K.J. La Pierre, A.S. MacDougall, R.L. McCulley, C.E. Mitchell, A.C. Risch, M. Schuetz, C.J. Stevens, R.J. Williams, and N. Fierer (In Press). Plant diversity predicts beta but not alpha diversity of soil microbes across grasslands worldwide. Ecology Letters.

Raynor, E.J., A. Joern, and J.M. Briggs (In Press). Bison foraging responds to fire frequency in nutritionally heterogeneous grassland. Ecology.

Sandercock, B.K., M. Alfaro-Barrios, A.E. Casey, T.N. Johnson, T.W. Mong, K.J. Odom, K.M. Strum, and V.L. Winder (In Press). Effects of grazing and prescribed fire on resource selection and nest survival of upland sandpipers in an experimental landscape. Landscape Ecology.

Smith, M.D., K.J. La Pierre, S.L. Collins, J. Barrett, S. Frey, L. Gough, K.L. Gross, R. Miller, J. Morris, L. Rustad, J. Yarie, and A.K. Knapp (In Press). Assessing ecosystem sensitivity to chronic resource alterations: A meta-analysis of long-term experiments. Oecologia.

Soong, J.L., and M. F. Cotrufo (In Press). Annual burning of a tallgrass prairie inhibits C and N cycling in soil, increasing recalcitrant pyrogenic organic matter storage while reducing N availability. Global Change Biology.

Troia, M.J., J.E. Whitney and K.B. Gido (In Press). Broadcast spawning over cobble by longfin dace (Agosia chrysogaster) in artificial stream channels. The Southwestern Naturalist.

Troia, M.J., J.E. Whitney and K.B. Gido (In Press). Thermal performance of larval longfin dace (Agosia chrysogaster), with implications for climate change. Environmental Biology of Fishes.

Vanderymyde, J.M., and M.R. Whiles (In Press). Effects of woody vegetation encroachment and experimental forest removal on macroinvertebrate production and functional structure in tallgrass prairie streams. Freshwater Science.

Welti, E.L. and A. Joern (In Press). Structure of trophic and mutualistic networks across broad environmental gradients. Ecology and Evolution.


Prober, S.M., J.W. Leff, S.T. Bates, E.T. Borer, J. Firn, W.S. Harpole, E.M. Lind, E.W. Seabloom, P.B. Adler, J.D. Bakker, E.E. Cleland, N.M. DeCrappeo, E. DeLorenze, N. Hagenah, Y. Hautier, K.S. Hofmockel, K.P. Kirkman, J.M.H. Knops, K.J. La Pierre, A.S. MacDougall, R.L. McCulley, C.E. Mitchell, A.C. Risch, M. Schuetz, C.J. Stevens, R.J. Williams, and N. Fierer. 2015. Plant diversity predicts beta but not alpha diversity of soil microbes across grasslands worldwide. Ecology Letters 18: 85-95.

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Baer, S.G., D.J. Gibson, A.M. Benscoter, L.K. Reed, R.E. Campbell, R.P. Klopf, J.E. Willand, and B.R. Wodika. 2014. No effect of seed source on multiple aspects of ecosystem functioning during ecological restoration: cultivars compared to local ecotypes of dominant grasses. Evolutionary Applications 7: 323-335.

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Conference Proceedings


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