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Koerner, S.E., M.L. Avolio, K. La Pierre, K.R. Wilcox, M.D. Smith, and S.L. Collins (In Press). Long‐term nutrient additions cause divergence in tallgrass prairie plant communities. Journal of Ecology.

Martin, E.C., K.B. Gido, N. Bello, and W.K. Dodds (In Press). Increasing fish taxonomic and functional richness affects ecosystem properties of small headwater prairie streams. Freshwater Biology.

Pennock, C.A. and K.B. Gido (In Press). Density-dependence of herbivorous Central Stoneroller Campostoma anomalum in stream mesocosms. Ecology of Freshwater Fishes.

Ratajczak, Z., J.M. Briggs, D. Goodin, R. Mohler, J.B. Nippert, and B.K. Obermeyer (In Press). Assessing the potential for transitions from tallgrass prairie to woodlands: are we operating beyond critical transitions?. Rangeland Ecology & Management.

Raynor, E.J. A. Joern, and J.M. Briggs (In Press). Seasonal shifts in foraging behaviour by a native grazer in nutritionally heterogeneous mesic grassland at multiple spatial and temporal scales. Ecology and Evolution.

Ricketts, A.M., and B.K. Sandercock (In Press). Patch-burn grazing increases habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity of small mammals in managed rangelands. Ecosphere.

Smith, M.D., A.K. Knapp, S.L. Collins, D.E. Burkepile, K.P. Kirkman, S.E. Koerner, D.I. Thompson, J.M. Blair, C.E. Burns, S. Eby, E.J. Forrestel, R.W.S. Fynn, N. Govender, N. Hagenah, D.L. Hoover, K. R. Wilcox. (In Press). Shared drivers but divergent ecological responses: insights from long-term experiments in savanna grasslands. Bioscience.

Smith, M.D., K.J. La Pierre, S.L. Collins, J. Barrett, S. Frey, L. Gough, K.L. Gross, R. Miller, J. Morris, L. Rustad, J. Yarie, and A.K. Knapp (In Press). Assessing ecosystem sensitivity to chronic resource alterations: A meta-analysis of long-term experiments. Oecologia.

Troia, M.J., J.E. Whitney, and K.B. Gido (In Press). Broadcast spawning over cobble by longfin dace (Agosia chrysogaster) in artificial stream channels. The Southwestern Naturalist.

Wagle, P, X. Xiao, P. Gowda, J. Basara, N. Brunsell, J. Steiner, and K.C. Anup (In Press). Analysis and estimation of tallgrass prairie evapotranspiration in the central United States. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.

Welti, E., S. Putnam, and A. Joern (In Press). Crab spiders (Thomisidae) attract insect flower-visitors without UV signaling. Ecological Entomology.

Whitney, J.E., K.B. Gido, E.C. Martin, and K.J. Hase (In Press). The first to go and the last to leave: colonization and extinction dynamics of common and rare fishes in intermittent prairie streams. Freshwater Biology.


Hallett, L.M., S.K. Jones, A.A.M. MacDonald, M.B.Jones, D.F.B.Flynn, J.Ripplinger, P.Slaughter, C.Gries, and S.L. Collins (In Press). codyn: An R package of community dynamics metrics. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Harpole, W.S, L.L. Sullivan, E.M. Lind, J. Firn, P.B. Adler, E.T. Borer, J. Chase, P.A. Fay, Y. Hautier, H. Hillebrand, A.S. MacDougall, E.W. Seabloom, R. Williams, J.D. Bakker, M.W. Cadotte, E.J. Chaneton, C. Chu, E.E. Cleland, C. Antonio, K.F. Davies, D.S. Gruner, N. Hagenah, K. Kirkman, J.M.H. Knops, K.J. La Pierre, R.L. McCulley, J.L Moore, J.W. Morgan, S.M. Prober, A.C. Risch, M. Schuetz, C.J. Stevens, and P.D. Wragg (In Press). Addition of multiple limiting resources reduces grassland diversity. Nature.

Koerner, S.E., M.L. Avolio, K.J. La Pierre, K.R. Wilcox, M.D. Smith, and S.L. Collins (In Press). Nutrient additions cause divergence of tallgrass prairie plant communities resulting in loss of ecosystem stability. Journal of Ecology.

Ricketts, A.M., and B.K. Sandercock (In Press). Patch-burn grazing increases habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity of small mammals in managed rangelands. Ecosphere.

Baer, S.G., J.M. Blair, and S.L.Collins. 2016. Environmental heterogeneity has a weak effect on diversity during community assembly in tallgrass prairie. Ecological Monographs 86: 94-106.

Briggs, J.M., J. Blair, and E.A. Horne. 2016. Ecohydrological and Climate Change studies at the Konza Prairie Biological Station. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 119: 5-11.

Cochran, F. V., N. A. Brunsell, and A. Sukyer. 2016. Thermodynamic entropy production as a measure of agroecosystem sustainability. Ecological Indicators 67: 204-214.

Dietrich, J.D. and M.D. Smith.. 2016. The effect of timing of growing season drought on flowering of a dominant C4 grass. Oecologia 181: 391-399.

Estiarte, M., S. Vicca, J. peñuelas, M. Bahn, C. Beier, B.A. Emmett, P.A. Fay, P.J. Hanson, R. Hasibeder, J. Kigel, G. Kröel-Dulay, K.S. Larsen, E. Lellei-Kovács, J-M. Limousin, R. Ogaya, J-M. Ourcival, S. Reinsch, O.E. Sala, I.K. Schmidt, M. Sternberg, K. Tielbörger, A. Tietema, and I.A. Janssens. 2016. Few multiyear precipitation-reduction experiments find a shift in the productivity-precipitation relationship. Global Change Biolpgy : -.

Flores-Moreno, H., P.B. Reich, E.M. Lind, L.L. Sullivan, E.W. Seabloom, L.Yahdjian, A.S. MacDougall, L.G. Reichmann, J. Alberti, S. Báez, J.D. Bakker, M.W. Cadotte, M.C. Caldeira, E.J. Chaneton, C.M. D'Antonio, P.A. Fay, J. Firn, N. Hagenah, W.S. Harpole, O. Iribarne, K.P. Kirkman, J.M.H. Knops, K.J. La Pierre, R. Laungani, A.D.B. Leakey, R.L. McCulley, J.L. Moore, J. Pascual, and E.T. Borer. 2016. Climate modifies response of non-native and native species richness to nutrient enrichment. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 3719371: -20150273.

Gómez, J.E., J. Lohmiller, and A. Joern. 2016. Importance of vegetation structure to the assembly of an aerial web-building spider community in North American open grassland. Journal of Arachnology 44: 28-35.

Grudzinski, B.P., M.D. Daniels, K. Anibas, and D. Spencer. 2016. Bison and cattle grazing management, bare ground coverage, and links to suspended sediment concentrations in grassland streams. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 52: 16-30.

Hufkens, K., T. F. Keenan, L. B. Flanagan, R. Scott, C. J. Bernacchi, E. Joo, N. Brunsell, J. Verfaillie, and A. D. Richardson. 2016. Despite in- creasing aridity, climate change promotes growth of North American grass- lands. Nature Climate Change : -.

Jones, S.K, S.L. Collins, J.M. Blair, M.D. Smith, and A.K. Knapp. 2016. Altered rainfall patterns increase forb abundance and richness in native tallgrass prairie. Scientific Reports 6: -20120.

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Young, A., B. Chappell, M. William, and L. Margaret. 2016. Tardigrades of the Tree Canopy: Milnesiumswansoni sp. nov. (Eutardigrada: Apochela: Milnesiidae) a new species from Kansas, U.S.A. Zootaxa 4072: 559-568.


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Conference Proceedings


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