How to make a 3D model?

Want to make a 3D model of a Shrub Island?  You can make a model for what the shrub island looked like in 2001 before it was burned and then make another for 2002 to compare the island’s size and shape after the fire by using the following steps. 

  1. Print the following page of 2 graphs for 2001.

  2. Cut out each graph along the dotted lines leaving the ground level (or x axis) and the legend for the entire width of the graph.  This will allow you to read the “Distance from the Center in Meters” at the bottom.

  3. Fold the bottom just above the line that says “Distance from the Center in Meters” as in Figure A.          

    Fig A.JPG (75774 bytes)

    Fig B.JPG (110847 bytes)

    Fig C.JPG (104893 bytes)

    Figure A

    Figure B Figure C
  4. At the Center line on the North/South graph, cut a little more than half way up the height of the graph.

  5. At the Center line on the East/West graph, cut a little more than half way down from the top of the graph.  See Figure B.

  6. Put the two graphs together by slipping the cuts inside each other until the ground level (x axis) is in line.  See Figure C.

  7. Be sure you put the compass directions in the proper positions.  From the North, looking South, which side should East lie on, right or left?

  8. You now have a 3D model of a shrub island, showing you the shape of the “canopy” (top of the island) as outlined by the height of the stems.  Make another model for the same shrub island in a different year and see how the shape has changed due to the effect of fire. 

  9.  You can also see the Photo Gallery of images taken at the study site.  These photos show how the plant community is changing due to annual burning or no burning at all.  For a description of this long-term study, go to home of fire reversal.     

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